Meet the Hamsters...


Maisie is the world's most beautiful hamster. She's the first hamster I have owned, but, because of her personality, definitely not the last. I believe she was born sometime in August or September 2001 - which makes her pretty old in hamster terms - but I was given her in January 2002. She's living in her second student house now and loving the attention, not to mention the varied diet. Maisie's favorite hobby is performing daring death-defying leaps from objects such as curtain rails (when she manages to sneakily climb up the curtains without anyone noticing), and eating. She prefers to eat mild curry, rice, naan bread, guacamole, pizza, roasted vegetables, lasagne and carpet. She's very partial to a nice bit of carpet, and is in danger of losing us a hefty chunk of deposit. What she doesn't seem to like is having her photo taken. Maisie is insanely cute, very friendly and playful, and when she escapes she always comes back so is allowed to run around on her own in the living room, under supervision. She loves people, and everyone who meets her loves her. Sadly, Maisie was diagnosed with a tumour in her mouth this month, but she's getting a lot of loving care and attention and seems to be feeling fine with it so I'm hoping she'll be with us for a while yet.

Lemon and Pickle

Lemon (left) and Pickle (right) are Roborovski Dwarf hamsters. They were born Novermber 2002 and were sisters from the same litter - or so I was told. As it transpired, Pickle is actually a boy hamster and Lemon has now had two litters of babies, six babies in each (some pictured below). The babies were about 4mm long when they were born, pink, furless and unable to see. Within 2 weeks they were 3/4 of an inch long and running around happily. The adults grow to about 2 inches long, so they are pretty tiny and very cute. Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep Lemon and Pickle together because I have run out of friends to take all the babies they produce, so they each have to live alone (unlike Syrian hamters, Dwarf hamsters like to live in small social groups). They need a lot of entertaining to make up for the lack of hamster friends to play with, and every so often they get lonely and spend entire nights sqeaking at each other between their cages. They are both very good-natured, and Lemon is a fantastic mother. They get a lot of excercise running around in their dwarf hamster-balls but are very fast so I can't let them out to run around on their own. They are very particular with their eating habits and really only eat hamster food, a few vegetables and eggs.

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